If you are looking for a way to spend more quality time with your family or on hobbies, then reduce the time you spend on the daily commute to work and rent an office close to home. The 45 minutes you save each day by avoiding daily rush hour traffic jams add up to 4 hours and 45 minutes a week, 20 hours a month, and 43 days a year!

Located by the roundabout in the Tiskre residential district, a few minutes’ drive from Rocca al Mare and Tabasalu, the building will provide local and Harku rural municipality residents with an alternative to rush hour traffic. The new office building will make it possible for local residents to walk, cycle, or roller skate to work along bike and pedestrian paths. At the same time, if you drive to work, it will be possible to travel in the direction with lighter traffic and thus, still avoid the traffic jams.

The building will be energy-efficient in many senses. It will be a building which looks after your health! The building was designed by top architect Martin Aunin to be distinctive and modern. The building places a high value on high-quality indoor climate, which will be achieved with an innovative cooling and heating solution that takes advantage of the latest technology. This will solve a very common problem: where one person is cold and another hot, where in summer it is hot and in winter cold, where one person feels a draught and another person is not getting enough air. It will also provide an energy savings of up to 40%.

Special attention has been paid in the building to natural lighting. The high windows in all the walls, alternating with wall elements, facilitate the creation of different room layouts in the offices.

The building will also be green in another sense. Walking or cycling to work is good for your health, and those driving will pollute the environment less because of the shorter travelling distances. Bike racks and charging stations for electric cars are also planned for the building’s parking lot.

Lucca Home offers you a home in which you feel inspired and really at home. One that lasts for many years. A unique living environment consisting of eight full self-contained houses has been built in Tiskre, beside the sea.


  • The building has 3 storeys.
  • It is located in an area rich in natural greenery. The 3rd floor has a sea view.
  • A restaurant is located on the first floor. A terrace is planned for the restaurant’s south side.
  • The building has an elevator.
  • Building energy class - B.
  • Address  - Rannamõisa road 38d.
  • The building is finished.